All That Kids Can Be

Supporting kids and youth with resources to grow up healthy and transition into adulthood.

Early Years


Supports to promote the healthy development of pre-school children (aged 0-6 years old), including supporting their physical, mental, social and emotional growth, and providing services and resources to their parents and caregivers. Includes, but is not limited to, pre and postnatal care, parenting programs, parent-child resource centres, school readiness, and home visiting. ie: Mother Goose


Middle Years


Supports to promote the healthy development of school-aged children (aged 7-11 years old), including supporting their physical, mental, social, emotional and academic well-being, and providing services and resources to their parents and caregivers. ie: Big Brothers, Big Sisters Yukon.




Supports to promote the physical, mental, social, emotional, and economic development and well-being of youth (aged 12-24 years old), including services to support academic and educational achievement, leadership development, job training and supports, community development and civic engagement, settlement and integration, social and recreational participation, and violence and conflict prevention. ie: Byte.

All That Kids Can Be

United Way Yukon is proud to be a supporter of the Big Brothers Big Sisters Community & In-School Mentoring Program – who’s mission is to ensure that every child in the Yukon who needs a mentor, has a mentor.   These mentors support young people by being an example and showing the importance of education, being involved in the community, and showing respect to peers and family.

Mentors provide a role model, present options and information for future careers, introduce a

different perspective and increase self-esteem and self-worth. 

There has been an overall improved mood at school, especially on Mentor days!’

– School Counselor on In-School Mentoring

BBBS Yukon has been in Dawson City since 2014, in partnership with Tr’ondek Hwech’in to provide a weekly In-School Mentoring Program held at the community school.  The positive impact of mentoring has been well documented showing significant results in the behaviours of children and youth.  Greater high school completion rates, lower incidence of criminal behaviour, less involvement with substance abuse, improved self-esteem and more resilience to negative peer pressure and bullying are a few of the encouraging outcomes.

‘I noticed a huge improvement in school and attitude since my son was matched with his mentor. 

Our relationship has improved so much too!  We sit and talk all the time now,

he is opening up to me about stuff we didn’t talk about before!’

a parent on a mentor’s impact on her son

United Way Yukon thanks you for your support, so we can continue to fund projects that helps kids be All That Kids Can Be!

Source: Big Brothers Big Sisters Final Report &