Apply for Funding for 2021-22 Projects

With the generous financial support of individuals, businesses, organizations and governments of all levels, United Way Yukon provides Community Investment Fund (CIF) grants of up to $10,000 per program/project on an annual basis.  Eligible registered non-profit organizations are encouraged to apply.  

United Way Yukon

  • Funds projects and/or programs that benefit Yukon communities and align with our priority areas.

  • Has a responsibility to advance reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.

  • Seeks to make communities measurably better through innovative projects that help address the underlying causes of social issues. 

  • Works to effect long-term changes, especially those that help address the underlying causes of social problems.

  • Seeks out partnerships that mobilize communities, agencies, funders and other sectors to achieve shared goals.

  • Ensures that its investment decisions and results are communicated regularly to the community.

  • Distributes funding in a fair and equitable way


Applications for projects taking place in 2020-21 must be submitted by midnight on February 7, 2021. These are reviewed by the Community Engagement and Investment Committee (CEIC) in accordance with existing United Way Yukon policies. Its recommendations are subject to final approval by the Board of Directors. 


How To Apply

Step 1: Download and read the Application Instructions.


Step 2:  If your organization did not receive CIF finding for 2020-21, or if you have already submitted a Final Report, then skip to Step 3.

Otherwise continue here.

For 2020-21 projects that are completed, please download the Final Report Template, fill it in, and email it to 

if you have not already done so.

For 2020-21 projects that are still underway, please fill in and submit an Interim Report online.  You will still need to submit a final report

upon completion of your 2020-21 project.

Step 3: Download the project Budget Template, or use your own budget software, and email a completed project budget file to


Step 4: Fill in and submit the Application Form online.

Three Priority Areas for United Way Yukon Funding


United Way Yukon invests in three priority areas. We recommend that all applicants review the following information to help ensure a common understanding of how we want to work with community partners to show our #LocalLove.  In addition to the priority areas below, United Way Yukon has a responsibility to advance reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.


All that kids can be 

Supporting kids and youth with resources to grow up healthy and transition into adulthood. More ...


From poverty to possibility 

Building individuals’ financial stability and independence through access to healthy food, affordable housing and employment. More ...


Healthy people, strong communities 

Developing the capacity of people to care for themselves and families by creating opportunities and places for social interaction. More ...


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