United Way Campaign Champion 2018

Roslyn Woodcock,

2018 United Way Campaign Champion


Roslyn has been a United Way donor through a variety of avenues for many years. “While I was a federal public servant I donated through the payroll program and I always loved the simplicity of it. You could donate so much without ever noticing it. I also liked knowing that the money would be used in my community wherever it was needed most.”


After leaving the federal government in 2013 Roslyn helped out each year by managing the UW Fall campaign. “Working with the campaigns is challenging but rewarding. There are so many ways for people to get involved and so much of the community is involved in one way or another.”

Roslyn’s favourite thing about the United Way is that the whole purpose is that together we can accomplish so much more than alone.


“This year I am stoked to be the Campaign Champion for a change. Especially given this year’s theme “Better Together”.  Sometimes it feels like the world is trying to divide us so I love celebrating the benefits of diversity and partnership.”

“This role also gives me the freedom to do more of the Rah Rah and less of the data entry! Managing the campaign is so busy and there are so many things on the go that you don’t actually get to enjoy it. This year I get to have fun. I might even get a plane pull team together!”


Roslyn is on Whitehorse City Council and owns two small businesses. She has lived in downtown Whitehorse since 1999.