Corporate Support

Payroll Program


There are many ways that your business can get involved and help. From becoming a corporate sponsor to hosting a fundraising event there are ways that fit every business, budget and ability. 

Payroll Deduction Process


Payroll Deductions are an excellent way to donate to the United Way. Just $5 or $10per pay can make a real difference. Staff choosing payroll deduction will receive a tax receipt notice from their employer on next year’s T4.


Employers Using an External Payroll Service


  • Request that your payroll service add a new deduction for donations.

  • Provide your payroll service with amounts for each individual

  • Provide United Way Yukon’s registered charity number (BN892971961RR001) to your payroll service. This number is required to prepare T4s

  • Determine whether your payroll service will remit donations directly to United Way Yukon or whether you will be required to remit these donations to us yourself. If you are required to remit directly to us, see point 4

  • As part of year-end T4 planning, confirm with your payroll service that donation amounts will appear on employee T4s.


“Every dollar donated through the payroll deduction program goes directly to Yukon Projects.”


Employers with Internal Payroll Departments


  • Add a new deduction code in the payroll portion of the accounting software

  • Set up United Way Yukon as a vendor in the accounting software (for purposes of remitting payroll deductions). Registered Charity #: BN892971961RR001

  • Enter donation amounts for each individual in the accounting software.

  • As part of year-end T4 planning, ensure donation amounts appear on employee T4s (box 46).

General Info (External and Internal Payroll)


  • Employers should retain copies of signed pledge cards for purposes of answering donor queries and as confirmation that the donor has authorized a non-statutory deduction from his or her pay.


Remitting Donations to United Way


  • Remit donations on a regular basis (monthly or quarterly)

  • Include the period covered by this remittance on your cheque (e.g., “January 2015 payroll deductions”).

  • Be as detailed as possible, especially if you are including many payments.

  • Provide the full names, per pay donation amounts and contact information (email addresses) for each employee making a payroll donation.

  • Make cheques payable to United Way Society of Yukon and mail remittances toPO Box 31731, Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 6L3


Donation Receipts


  • Yukon United Way does not provide income tax receipts for donors who contribute via payroll deduction. Instead, donation amount appear on the donor’s annual T4 and income tax credits are calculated based on these amounts.

Corporate Sponsorship


What does it mean to be a corporate sponsor?


It means that 100% of the money you donate provides overall support to the Yukon United Way so that even more of the money donated by community members can go directly to fund programs.


Your funds remain local and help us help charities here at home. There are 5 levels of sponsorship:


Corporate Leader of the Way - $10,000


  • No more than 3 organizations will hold this position

  • Speaking opportunity and free table for 6 at annual community wide breakfast and auction, Business info table in entry way

  • Logo on all promotional print materials, posters and advertising

  • Recognition and hyperlink to your website on UWY website

  • Recognition at all public events of your leader sponsorship. 


Corporate Everyday Hero - $5,000


  • No more than 5 organization will hold this position

  • Recognition and hyperlink to your website on our website

  • Logo on promotional print materials, posters and advertising

  • Recognition at public events of your sponsorship level.


Corporate Helping Hand - $3000


  • Recognition on our website and recognition in our annual thank you advertisements.

  • Your Logo on our annual thank you advertisements, ranked below top tiers but above all others


Friend of the United Way - $1,000


  • Recognition on the United Way Yukon website and highlighted recognition in our annual thank advertisement as a sponsor


United Way Payroll Partner


  • All organizations that support and partner with us on a United Way Payroll donation process are billed as “partners” in our thank you advertising, on our website at any talks or promotional discussions. See the payroll deduction process for more information.


Other Ways to Help


Make the fall campaign part of your corporate culture. Some organizations do things in the community during the campaign such as spending a day volunteering at the food bank.


Host a Fundraising Event


Many organizations choose to organize an event either for/by their staff or for community wide. There are so many ways to help and every organization can do something unique that matches their values, culture and abilities.


Just a few previous examples are/have been:


  • Community Wide Breakfast and Auction - Yukon Government 

  • Auction - Aboriginal Affairs & Northern Development Canada

  • Baking / Cooking Contests - Northwestel

  • Broom Ball Tournament - Environment Canada

  • Milleniumwalk - RCMP

  • Mixed Curling Bonspiel - EBA 

  • Provide Baskets or items of Larger Auction events

  • Sandwich sales - Service Canada

  • Stair Climb – CanNor

General Information for Businesses


How does it work?


Things work differently in every organization based on size, culture and what aspects of the campaign the company takes on but here are some basic pieces. 


It is key that at least one employee takes on the task of managing the workplace campaign. This person’s role will vary depending on what aspects your organization is undertaking: organizing an internal or external event, payroll deduction, taking part in community wide event like the curling or broom ball. Generally though, this person’s role is to help develop a corporate culture of giving surrounding the month of October in particular.


Check out each section above based on which aspects you are taking on but here are some general pieces that a workplace coordinator may find helpful:


  • The United Way needs to know who your contact is so they can keep them in the loop on information during the campaign month so please send us the contact information for your contact as soon as you know who it will be. It is great if we can get this information sometime in September. 

  • The United Way website and staff can help you with posters, forms, buttons, pins, and event information. It is helpful for those in your organization to know what is happening so hanging posters, sending out emails and handing out general information to staff can really help get people engaged and excited.


  • When requesting donations or support in the workplace remember that it is all about providing information and opportunities.


There is no pressure required or desired. Some key pieces of information are:

  • The United Way is a registered charitable organization supported nation-wide by every level of community and government.  It is an umbrella agency that works to identify the greatest needs in the community and provide support where it is needed most.  The workplace campaign was implemented to provide ease of access to those with means, while eliminating the need for door-to-door solicitations.

  • Through the United Way of Yukon, we work together as a community to provide a better tomorrow for all.  We know that Yukoners will respond generously, as they always have, to help those who need it most.

The United Way's Funding Objectives are:

  • From Poverty to Possibility

  • Healthy People, Strong Communities

  • All that Kids Can Be


For more information on how the United Way spends your money please visit the Canada Revenue Agency website at: Click on “Charities Listings” search for United Way Society of Yukon and you can see exactly what % of our money goes where.


Don’t forget about the First Time Donor’s Super Credit which gives a much higher donation credit if you are first time donor. See the CRA website for more info. 


One Time Cash or Cheque Donations can be made.  The United Way will send tax receipts to (cash/cheque) donors by the end of January.


Donations can also be made by Credit Card securely, online at:


A tax receipt will be e-mailed to all non-payroll donors.