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Campaign Forms and Information


Click below to download Donation Forms, a Guide for Campaign Coordinators, Campaign Key Messages and Information, and a 2017 Campaign Overview.

Requesting Donations in the Workplace


Please remember your role is simply to provide information and an opportunity to donate. There is no pressure required or desired. Stay positive, and share that:


  • The United Way is a registered charitable organization supported nation-wide by every level of community and government. It is an umbrella agency that works to identify the greatest needs in the community and provide support where it is needed most. The workplace campaign was implemented to provide ease of access to those with means, while eliminating the need for door-to-door solicitations.


  • Through the United Way of Yukon, we work together as a community to provide a better tomorrow for all. We know that Yukoners will respond generously, as they always have, to help those who need it most.


Also, remember our funding objectives are to build healthy communities through innovative projects that:


  • Respond to the needs of children, youth and families

  • Respond to the needs of people with disabilities;

  • Combat poverty; and

  • Combat drug and alcohol abuse.

Don’t Forget:


  • The support of Workplace Coordinators is key to the success of the United Way Campaign. You are an instrument for positive change in our community. Thank You!


  • If you know anyone who may be interested in helping the United Way as a workplace volunteer, by organizing a special event, or by becoming more involved with the United Way year-round, please have them call United Way at (867) 667-2003.


  • The United Way of Yukon is a registered Yukon Society with a $10 annual membership open to both individuals and agencies.

Campaign Posters