Healthy People, Strong Communities

 Neighbourhood Development and Engagement


Supports to strengthen communities and neighbourhoods ​by engaging residents, community stakeholders, community organizations, funders, government and academic partners to: improve the quality of neighbourhood life, and foster community cohesion; build and maintain an adequate network of neighbourhood infrastructure, social services and community programs; engage in policy and research activities to understand and support communities and neighbourhoods; and increase public awareness of the importance of strong neighbourhoods for a strong and vibrant city.


Newcomer Settlement and Integration


Supports to assist newcomers to settle and integrate by meeting immediate needs and providing longer term assistance, and supports to help newcomer communities engage by building community capacity, leadership and voice. Services to meet immediate needs include, but are not limited to, settlement and orientation counseling, information and referral to services, translation and interpretation.


Community Mental Health


Supports to promote mental health and well-being, increase public awareness, reduce stigma, and provide community-based mental health programs, including preventive services, crisis support services, addiction services and self-help resources. Also includes support for those living with chronic illnesses.




Supports to promote healthy and active living among seniors and to support seniors to live independently, either in their own homes or in supportive housing. Includes services such as adult day programs, congregate dining, seniors’ centres, and transportation to medical appointments, shopping, banking and other activities, and supports to caregivers.


Domestic Violence


Supports to assist men, women and children who have experienced physical, sexual and/or emotional abuse in domestic relationships, including crisis intervention, emergency shelters, counseling and transitional services, parenting supports, and legal support, as well as advocacy, preventative work and public education. ie: Carcross Men’s Group.


People with Disabilities


Supports to help adults and children with physical or developmental disabilities to live independently and actively participate in their communities, and supports to assist family members and caregivers. Also includes information, support, educational events and other resources to help people with chronic illnesses to live well. ie: LDAY, Challenge

Developing the capacity of people to care for themselves and families by creating opportunities and places for social interaction.