Vision, Mission and Values



We envision a Yukon where people and their families receive the support they need to live healthy and productive lives.




We are a Yukon leader in improving lives and building community by engaging individuals and mobilizing collective action. 


Seeking to enhance the community fabric of caring, we invest in projects that better the lives of Yukon residents, as well as generate ideas and understanding about social issues affecting Yukon communities




We believe in the power of volunteerism to affect change in our communities. We believe in fostering a culture where all Yukoners participate in improving the health of our communities and helping people overcome personal barriers.


We believe in funding innovative projects that help address the underlying causes of social issues and that bring people together in the spirit of co-operation and help of others. 


We believe in diversity, where our Board, volunteers and the projects we fund represent the needs and interests of all demographic groups throughout the Yukon. 


We believe in being a responsible and accountable not-for-profit organization.